Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Sunday Five

What is making me happy this Sunday?

  1. The rain appears to be over. After a long weekend of cabin fever, the sun is out and the extended forecast seems to be dry. Finally! I know that I am from Seattle, but at home the rain doesn't keep you inside. Here is San Diego it is dangerous to drive in the rain, people here don't know how and drainage is very bad so standing water is a big problem. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Curling- Could be my favorite sport of these winter Olympics. I lot of people think it is a lame sport, but once you understand the rules, it is SO intense. As an extra bonus, my second favorite country won a gold in curling, SWEDEN!! Sweden also medaled in at least one XC skiing event. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Olympics being over- this may seem to conflict with my joy over the Olympics, but I am ready for them to be over. I probably wouldn't feel this way if NBC did a better job covering the games. Instead I end up staying up till midnight every night, when the coverage could be hours shorter if the announcers didn't like hearing the sound of their own voices so much. Also everything is delayed even though the actual events are in my own time zone, and the coverage is so sparse on non-USA dominated events. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the games. I love the Winter Olympics, but I could have written a book with just the ridiculous phrases the announcers came up with. "Get the monkey off her back" WHAT??? So I am happy to get back to my regular sleep schedule, and not be glued to the TV all night, watching the same commercials over and over, Milkaholic, thanks moms, go world, swagger wagon, the marriage ref... Wait this is supposed to be a post about happiness? Right, I am happy they are over tonight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Alice in wonderland- I am SOOOOOO excited to see this movie which comes out on Friday. While this movie totally scared the crap out of me as a child, I am super excited to see a new version as a grown up. I never wanted to see the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this one looks so much fun. I have always been very intrigued by the other, not so innocent, themes in Alice and Wonderland, and this new version will highlight those more I imagine. In this same vein, Disney at Ruffles and Stuff, just posted some great photos of necklaces she just made. I can imagine Alice wearing a lot of them. I am thinking this movie is going to be a great source of inspiration. Click here to check out the necklaces over on Ruffles and Stuff! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. The exhibition figure skating and ice dancing performances last night. Last night during the Olympic coverage of the final runs of four man bobsled, the winners of ice dancing and figure skating were able to perform one more time, for fun. Not only were these performances beautiful, but it was obvious that without the pressure of competition, these amazing skaters few higher and had amazing smiles on their faces. I especially enjoyed the Canadian ice dancing couple with the combination of a song from the Nutcracker and some other disco song, maybe, that I cannot remember the name of right now. Maybe I am in shock becasue I just watched the end of the USA Canada hockey game. Just saying.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Well in my quest to keep this post happy, I should really end before I hear the start of Oh Canada. I start taking cheap shots when my team, or country loses.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Here is my Sunday 5:
    1. Learning that I can still be an effective soccer keeper and make some amazing dives after almost 10 years of not doing any!
    2. Going curling with the brother and roomies on Saturday. Curling is definitely my new favorite thing, but it is way harder than it looks.
    3. The buzz of watching Olympics for the last 2 weeks
    4. Costco blueberry muffins
    5. Watching "Alien" right now!

  2. My sunday 5-

    1. buying some awesome new nail polish!
    2. getting some great work advice and making friends with an old boss
    3. playing with a puppy!!!
    4. how awesome it feels to sleep in and wake up to a nice hot shower
    5. the potential for new beginnings!