Monday, March 1, 2010


I have always had a thing for pearls. Tthe first earrings I bought when I got my ears pierced? Freshwater pearl studs! I must have had an eye for classic style, even at the young age of 11.
In the same vein, I have been working with a fashion and accessory specialist, to develop some new pieces for my Etsy shop. I wanted to combine ribbon and pearls and she helped with the right lengths the design and with current and classic color combinations. You can be assured that these necklaces will become your new go to pieces and that they will last you a long time. I specialize in pretty strong jewelry, I know how I treat mine... I just listed five new necklaces in my shop to see how people like them.

Without further ado here are some pictures of my new beauties...

So tell me what you think about them? I know I love them but that could just be me? In other blog news I am thinking about adding another theme day. As you know I currently do the Sunday 5, and Food Friday. I am thinking about featuring one knitting and maybe sewing pattern each Wednesday. I know it would be nice to have a place to go for handpicked fashion forward knit pieces. If you would be interested in this type of feature let me know!

Well I am out, I need to recover after the hour and a half I just spent with my calculator doing mortage calculations in my Real Estate class. Ya I know, your so jealous!

Happy Monday Party People!

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  1. Those look awesome. Nice work, Heather!