Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Sunday 5

What a day! Today for my Sunday 5 I am feeling really happy about having things to look forward to.

While I was watching the Super Bowl, I was kinda down, thinking about how I had no sports to watch for a while, and how my team was losing. Then I was sad because I was thinking how awesome it would be if the Seahawks went back to the Super Bowl, but then I remembered; the new coach is my arch-nemesis. Then I fell asleep during the 4th quarter, I know I know, how is that even possible? I have only ever fallen asleep during one other football game in my life, also an important game. But I was woken up by my roommate yelling because the Saints had just scored. Not something I was happy to wake up to. I am really a messed up sleeper, and this too has been getting me down lately. I am not tired so I cannot fall asleep, but then I cannot get up in the morning and it is a continuous bad cycle of sleeping in, and I cannot seem to control it. But I realized I am lucky to have the time to sleep in. I am also lucky to have so much to wake up for, something I need to keep in the front of my mind as I try to get on a better sleep schedule! And now for the 5 things I am happy to look forward to...

March Madness

The NFL Draft- who will draft Colt McCoy? Is his arm better?

The Winter Olympics- just a few hours north of my home
Spring Training

Spring Break- Bring on the spring skiing!!

Right now is a good time to think about all we have to look forward to with happiness. The unknown dark of the future can loom out in the distance causing stress, especially to someone about to graduate college. But staying focused on awesome things is the best way to add some bright spots to that darkness. No matter what job I have or where I am after May 23rd, I know I will at least have baseball.

Happy Sunday

Please comment and share all you are looking
forward to in the next few months


  1. 5 things I am looking forward to (a lot of which are similar to yours!):
    1. Winter Olympics
    2. March Madness
    3. Trip to Disney World
    4. Beginning of the F1 season
    5. Never doing pchem after 6 weeks from now

  2. five things to which i am looking forward (how grammatically snobby of me)
    1. march madness! GO NOVA
    2. getting my hair colored next month!
    3. potential haircut on the horizon
    5. villanova visits in the future :)