Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So lately I have been grooving with a new source of inspiration. Nature! I know your thinking, Heather that's what some many artists, photographers and other crafty people say. I know, your right, but for me this is new.

I was working on some new glowing candle holders, I had 2 matching square ones that I just started covering with a dark blue. And then SUDDENLY inspiration struck. On my way back from class, around five the other night, I looked up and saw the moon. I love seeing the moon during the day! The white against the lighter blue it is just so so so pretty. How pretty?

Anyways so I thought, I should put the moon on my dark blue candle holder. Oh OH Oh and I can make them a set and put a star on the other. So I DID!!! Once I saw my finished set, I fell in love! I know, so humble right? But once I started with the moon and the stars the ideas just started to flow. So I really want to try and make a sky blue set with a sun and a cloud or a rain drop. I think that the nature ideas work well in pairs. Then since I liked the yellow on the dark blue, I thought LIGHTNING BOLT!! I don't know what to put with that one, maybe it won't be a set.

Then since I have been so obsessed with the sunsets lately, I was like, I should make some sunset colored pieces. San Diego is just so picturesque it's almost hard not to be inspired. I guess, when I am in an anti-california mood, I can talk on and on about the beauty of Seattle, and Mountains, and Snow and clouds and rain...and on and on. But that anti-californianess is not allowed to permeate me anymore so I am seeing more and more of the beauty of my sometimes home.

Want to see the set that I fell in love with? Here are some pictures! Look for them on Etsy later tonight, after it gets dark so I can take a few pictures of them with candles! Get ready for a lot of pictures since these guys are my favorite things I have made, EVER!!

See they even have little rhinestones on them like little twinkling stars in the night sky!

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