Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Dollar Store Challenge!!

As I mentioned a few days ago I am participating in a themed challenge going on over at Dollar Store Crafts.  I love making stuff from Dollar Store finds because everything is only a dollar (when I went last time they come on the loud speaker to remind us...), need I say more? So this week the challenge item was placemats. On Friday I headed out to the Dollar Tree and got two different placemats, I wasn't very impressed with the colors or the styles but I grabbed up this blue one.  I guess the real question is, what did I decide to make with it? 

A picture frame! I take an extreme amount of pictures and often I buy prints at street fair that are in non-standard sizes. Custom made frames are expensive so a dollar store revamp is a great money saver. 

  • Placemat
  • Matching needle and thread
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon
  • Add on's like sequins, beads, or thread for embroidery
First decide on the picture you want to use. You will want the opening on the inside of the frame to be slightly smaller than your picture, or you can make the opening bigger and create a mat for your picture. Since my placemat already had a border going on, I used that as my frame and chose a picture to fit. 

I cut a half inch border around the outside of three sides, the bottom and the two vertical sides. On the top I cut right along the pattern.  On the three edges, I folded the half inch over and sewed along the fold. Make sure you sew along the fold, it creates a pocket that you can slip the back into. Ironing might help create a sharp fold.

Once you sew all three sides you will have a a slot to slide the back of your frame into. Now, fold you frame in half and cut out the middle section, try and cut it out in a single piece, you can use the middle to create a mini frame, two for the price of one, dollar!
See the pocket?

For the back I used a cereal box that I cut open.  Trace the outside of the frame and then trim it down from there. Start big and slowly trim it down to the correct size. 

On the inside edges I bound the raw edges with ribbon.  Since I had no ribbon and thread that matched, and I was feeling super lazy, so I hot glued it. Measure inside edge to inside edge and cut some ribbon. Fray check the ends with a lighter really quickly.  Start with a short bead of hot glue near the edge and place the top half of the ribbon on in a straight line.  I placed the ribbon on top to check placement first then ran a thin bead of glue on the front and held the ribbon taught to ensure a straight line.  Flip the mat over and repeat on the backside, to encase the raw edge. Repeat for all four inside edges.  Once you are done it will look like this.

I added some table confetti I got a Pier One a couple years ago for the corners. For the top I added some yellow grosgrain ribbon tied in knots. Sadly I could not print the 8X10 I wanted to fill this frame but here is my finished frame.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sunday Five

Welcome to the Sunday Five! As I write this it is a gorgeous 76 degrees with pure blue sky and sunshine.  In fact I can't believe I am inside on my computer, but I love blogging too much! Today was a wonderful day spent with different friends and doing things I love.  Onto The Sunday Five

1.The Beautiful San Diego weather.  The constant warmth of the sun, got me out the door and to class this past week, and sitting in the sun made studying much more enjoyable.  I have to say, I am a bit of a tan-aholic.  
Can you tell how tan I am?
Note the UW shirt and the messy spot in the back corner- that's my bed...

2. New yarn!  Although I am poor, I went on a thrift store adventure with my friend and former roommate  today, and two of three were closed. But we were close to The Grove in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego. I bought two skeins each of a minty multi-colored Blue Sky Cotton and some slightly variegated blue silk and merino from Louisa Harding Yarns.  I know they look pretty similar, but this is what I am into right now.

3. Did I mention midterms are OVER!  I Cannot even express how happy I am that the tests are over. I still have a quiz and a paper on Tuesday, but doing your work in advance is for, well not me. 
This is what I was taking to the beach all last weekend. Ya.... Business Law, that book weighs almost twenty pounds, almost ripped the seams off my towel/beach bag. 

4. This weekends Harry Potter movie marathon.  Between yesterday and today my roommate and I have watch Harry Potter 1, and 4-6.  I love Harry and CANNOT wait for the last movie to come out. 

5. Working on a new pattern for the new accessories line.  Not many people know about this, but I am in an early early stage collaboration for a line that I hope to start on Etsy later this spring and hopefully into some local stores eventually. Here is a sneak peak...
Hummmm... the colors look similar to the yarn I had up top.  I am REALLY grooving on the teal, mint greens and blues.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for my take on the place mat for this weeks Dollar Store Challenge!
Happy Sunday!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Much To Say...

      Well my midterms are over for the time being. In case you are interested out the the four I got A's on two and the other two I don't know the outcome yet.  But the good news is they are OVER. Now I can get back to what I like to do, blogging, crafting, and not doing homework.  But another reason I have not written is that I just haven't felt inspired to create much this past couple weeks.  Crafting just for the sake of crafting isn't really doing it for me anymore.  So in order to remedy this I have decided to focus my blog a little bit.  

     Since my aspiration within the realm of creativity is to build a successful line of accessories and maybe clothes in the future, I think gearing my entries towards fashion will unleash my creativity more.  Not that I am a fashion expert, by any means, but I will be sharing my thoughts on how we can all be a little more fashionable, without heading to the nearest deparment store or empty our wallets.  Part of what makes fashion so amazing, is that everyone can express themselves differently and still look great.  I think that when we customize the plain stuff from a store, or make something from scratch ourselves, it is much more a pure expression of our own style.  In this vein I will be adding a post called "...and Thursday" This post will be in addition to my Fashion Forward Wednesday post.  I will now be featuring two patterns or projects, per week that I think will make a stylish addition to any wardrobe.  In an aim to please every kind of crafter/DIYer I will try to feature a mix of projects for sewers, knitters, and beginners. 

      I will also be adding a post in conjunction with a very style minded friend, called "How do I style it?"  Here I will ask a close friend who works in the fashion industry to help me style an item of clothing each week.  My plan is to post the clothing in question a few days ahead and then have her write how she would style it, giving some helpful links to the clothes to pair with the item being styled. The post will end with me, or who ever is asking how the item will  be styled, pictured rocking the new style. And yes, if you have a styling question I encourage you to send me an e-mail with a picture of the piece you need help with. I would really love to have some readers be featured in these posts.
     Since I am a poor college student, I am always interested is saving money, and doing crafts on the cheap. I will be spending time on fashion and home dec crafts.  I will be moving in May and again hopefully in July, so look forward to some decorating tips and projects for those on a shoe string budget.  Other projects might include designer inspired jewelry and clothing tutorials, like the ones I feature on Wednesdays, but my own.

      Finally I am participating in the Dollar Store Challenge over at Dollar Store Crafts. This week the theme is place mats.  I am currently working on my project and will have it posted with a tutorial before the deadline of March 30th.  I think the challenges are going to be ongoing, one every two weeks, so I will keep going with the challenges for a while.

Oh... just a last thought, I am going to continue with The Sunday Five.  I just love it so much, remember to add your five every Sunday too!

 Lots to look forward to here, so please stop by as the future unfolds!
Hope you enjoy my new look/layout! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Forward Wednesday

Most ladies out there often find themselves in the "Dressing Room of Doom". Where you pull something off the rack and drag yourself into the dressing room, even though you hate trying on clothes, or are not is a shopping mood, etc only to be slapped in the face. You really have to like something to even make it back to the dressing room and then once you get under the florescent lights your own image assaults you. Dang, you think to yourself, if only this were looser here, or shorter there, or the print wasn't hideous. Once I get through all the if, ands or buts, I usually leave the store empty handed, with slightly lower self-esteem and a bad mood. Do you need any more reasons to sew your own clothes? Have I painted a bad enough picture of shopping yet? But then you cut out a pattern, based on the same, often insane, sizing as retailers and what do you get a slightly less bad version of something you could have bought at a store. Well, dang, what is a girl to do?

The obvious answer to to design patterns and clothes ourselves. Perfect! Oh wait, you can barely thread a needle let alone design, and sew your own clothes? Enter the sewing blog I discovered a bit ago, Petit Main Sauvage. Heaven for the sewing obsessed, like me. Even better is the simple directions and inspiration to take on this crazy craft called sewing!

But I digress, a simple, and straight forward tutorial is what awaits you at Petit Main Sauvage. With the easy gored skirt pattern, you can have a pattern tailored to you specific measurements in no time, and a skirt pretty quickly after that! I know this is the second skirt I have featured, and I promise that I will diversify, but I implore you to click here to make your fit fantasies come true! Everyone can use another skirt in an fun print!

Come on ladies...Get Your Spring On!!

Here's that link again

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Forward Wednesday

Today's Fashion Forward Wednesday is so simple that even non-crafters will want to break out the scissors. When I first came across this post I thought to myself, wow this has a lot of craft bang! You see craft bang is a project that is easy, fast, or cheap and produces great results. So things, like mittens on size zero double pointed needles are tedious, and while the result are often worth the effort, it is refreshing to start a project that will take very little time start to finish, and give you something amazing afterward. Hence today's choice...

The Leather Clutch

Head on over to EvaForeva and look at the simple and straight forward directions with pictures. While I am with the author, I like the look of leather alone, you could easily add some pretty extras, like embroidery, or beading. This is another great project that can be tailored to suit your taste and (growing?) wardrobe. Another way to make this clutch your own, add a simple pocket to the lining for your cellphone, or chap-stick. I think you all should make one and grab it when you head out on the town to your local farmers market, who needs a huge purse and a big bag of produce to carry around? While I don't have any leather to cut into here at school, I am on the look out and once I find some, I will definably be making this clutch! Break out that spring top and slip on your jeans and head out the door to enjoy the day, but don't forget your new leather clutch! Don't worry we won't tell how easy it was to make!

*Picture via EvaForeva: Leather Clutch Tutorial

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey Hey Hey Its Monday

So far midterms aren't quite as bad as I made them out to be, but I haven't actually had one yet....
Another revelation today, spring has sprung here in San Diego. Tomorrow and Wednesday's high is supposed to be 78 degrees! I can't wait to soak up the rays! You can really tell I am feeling the happy...this is how I took my diet 7up today. I poured it out of the can and everything....

I have some amazing things to share this week, so remember to stop by!
Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday 5

I am just going to cut to the chase... here is my Sunday Five
These are the top five songs that are making me happy RIGHT now! Make sure you add your own in the comments section!
  1. Breathe Me- Sia
  2. Cut- Plumb
  3. Wait Til You See My Smile- Alicia Keys
  4. One More Time- Daft Punk
  5. Alice (From "Alice In Wonderland")-Avril Lavigne
Fair warning, these songs are addictive! Another note: I have midterms for the next couple weeks. I will still be posting fashion forward Wednesday and Food Friday but I am not sure how much time I am going to have after studying and going to class. Well see. But don't worry I will be crafting!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can I Get a Heck Yes?

Last night was a wonderful evening. It was so special because I finally finished the yellow eyelet skirt I have been working on forever. This thing has been a pain in my butt, first it was too small, so I added two panels, then it was too big. But I had already sewed the zipper and the lining in, I sewed the lining in backwards too. So I had to try and remove the pleat in the lining so the eyelet would lay right. The skirt was way too long for me so I had to cut off about two inches there. But I made it! Getting it done has inspired me to finish as many half done projects as I can today. So after this blog post I will be running around with a mad glint in my eye looking for projects to finish. I will post some photos of all my finished projects later today, or tomorrow.

But first I have to show you the skirt. I thought that after I finished it I would never want to see it again, but I have to admit, I can't wait to wear it and whisper to whoever, oh hey, I made this...
Note: I do not like taking pictures of myself, but I wanted to show you all the skirt so badly that I did. Even when I am sick, and just cut my bangs myself this morning. So just ignore me and look at the skirt!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Friday

Today's Food Friday will be quick. I am much to excited about tomorrow's post to do this recipe justice. All I can say is make them. Please make them!

I want all of you to click here to be transported to the Seattle Times. Here lives the recipe for the best tasting, easiest to make, dinner rolls EVER. The article has pictures to help, and they are almost impossible to mess up. So run to the store, grab some yeast and some powdered buttermilk and get ready for heaven. in. your. mouth. Another positive, they freeze great so make a bunch, put them in a gallon zip top bag and the next time you are feeling lazy, open a can of soup and warm up some of the best dinner rolls ever. You have to trust me they are awesome!

Here's the pictures from the first time I made them....



Here is that link again!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fashion Forward Wednesday

I couldn't think of a better title for the post. Lame I know but here we go-

Welcome to the second week of Fashion Forward Wednesday!

This week I thought I would mix it up and feature a knitting pattern! If you have been reading this blog, or my twitter feed for very long you know I love the site Pickles! I really really really do! They feature free patterns all the time and have great yarn at decent prices. Knitter heaven!

Head on over to pickles to pick up this pattern, free in a size large, or if you need a different size you click over to the store and buy the PDF file. Make sure you click the British flag for the store to be in English. In case you didn't already figure it out, the lovely ladies who run Pickles are from Norway!

Wild Vest

So why should you knit the Wild Vest pattern? I don't know if you have noticed but the menswear thing is still happening. I still see people in suit-style vests all the time. This vest works from that style in a slightly softer knitwear version, that is extremely wearable and customizable. You can pick what ever color you want, and the single color daisy stitch adds nice detailing; fun to knit and pretty to look at! Another great feature is the bottom ribbing, the ribbing is knit on smaller needles and with 31 less stitches than the body of the piece, this keeps it from ridding up and creates a more open vest look. I don't want to ruin all the surprises but the body is also knit on size 13 US needles, making this a quick project once you get a hang of the daisy stitch. So go grab your needles or head to your local yarn store and cast this puppy on! Its a great piece to grab as the days start to turn warmer, and perfect for a cool summer night! Also check out their store with the yarn they used for this and other projects. Really wonderful stuff, I promise!

Happy Knitting!

(Pictures Via Pickles)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Manic Monday

Queue up the song....

This was my Monday. I wanted to go to Joann Fabrics to get supplies for my button down shirt project. But my mom had a doctors appointment, about a half hour south of where we live. So I agreed to go with her to and hit the fabric store on the way home. But I couldn't download the pattern fast enough and forgot my coupons on the kitchen counter. I had a whole page of 40% off coupons. So we decided to come all the way home to get the pattern and the coupons and my mom's list for Costco. On the way home we encountered this, in MARCH no less, in Seattle, in an El Nino year!! Completely loco, in case you don't know that all of these factors should never add up to snow.
I took these pictures in a moving car on the
freeway, they don't do the intense snow blizzard justice!

Good thing I am going skiing tomorrow...Powder Day!!

I did get some crafting time in today, after all the driving and dinner cooking and eating with my family. Here is a picture, can you guess what I am knitting?
See you all on Fashion Forward Wednesday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Sunday Five

Hey!! This week I have a lot to give thanks for and be happy about, but I am in a terrible mood! While I am visiting Seattle for my spring break I have no car. Usually I can borrow my Mom's car, but she had to take it since my Dad took his car golfing this morning. So I am stuck in the house with NOTHING to do. I really really really dislike being bored. But I am trying to get over it. I will stop the complaining rant and get onto what is making my happy this Sunday. Remember to hit the comment section after this and add your own Sunday Five, its all about spreading the love people!

1. Being in Seattle- I love being home even if I can't do anything or get talked into doing yard work...
2. The song Cut by Plumb. Everyone should listen to this song, totally amazing!!
3. Coming home to my back issues of Shape magazine that I somehow get for free! Pretty sweet!
4. Being totally inspired by Alice in Wonderland- saw it last night, loved it, already want to see it again. The colors and the clothes- everything very inspiring to an artistic type like myself.
5. That my parents still have jobs. My parents are self employed and have been looking a little guilty lately. My dad builds custom homes and remodels on a very small scale. This economy downturn has hit my family fairly hard, and while my parents have savings they feel bad that they aren't giving me some extravagent graduation present. It doesn't bother me at all and I am glad that business seems to be picking up.

Well that's it for the Sunday five! Since I am going stir crazy I might delve into a crafty project later today, so there could be an update later today. Maybe- no promises here- plus the Oscar's are on tonight, and that will keep me busy later.

Happy Sunday!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Food Friday

Welcome to Food Friday!

I promised you a non-bacon themed food post and I am delivering! This week I am proud to present a recipe that people request all the time! Popcorn Balls. These are amazing, they are sweet and salty, portable and easy to eat! They are very similar to rice krispie treats, another one of my specialties! For these guys make sure you are heavy on the non- stick spray and have some wax paper to set them on to set. This recipe makes about 20 small popcorn balls, but you can make them any size you want. They can be store in an airtight container for about a week. I keep mine in individual snack bags, but large ones work too, or large containers with wax paper between layers!

To start gather your ingredients:

- popcorn- I air pop mine but you can also use the microwave kind. You need about 8 cups, 1/2 c seeds or about 2 bags from the microwave.
-2 tablespoons butter
-1 bag of marshmallows
-Non-stick spray
-wax paper
-pinch of salt

Pop your corn! Spray the bowl with non-stick spray first to prevent the marshmallow from sticking later. This part is pretty easy, after you are done pick out the un-popped seeds. You really don't want to bite down on one later. You might also want to spray the popcorn a little and add the pinch of salt. This step is for the air-popped only, it amps up the salty sweet combo awesomeness. If you are using microwaved corn, you don't need to salt it- just remember to spray the bowl!

Lay out some wax paper in a spot where the finished treats can set up!

Before you turn the heat on, spray the pan with non-stick spray. This will make clean up much easier. Now add the butter to a pan on the stove. Keep over medium heat until the butter is almost all melted.

Don't let the butter get to the brown stage.
Add your marshmallows.

Here I added a couple of drops of red to the partially melted marshmallows. My finaly product ended up as pink- you will see soon!
Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth and uniform.

When the mixture looks pretty smooth like this-->
You can stop stirring. Turn the heat on low

Pour most of the mixture into your popcorn bowl. Using a spoon covered in non-stick spray, mix the marshmallow and the popcorn, covering as best you can. Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect, we can fix it up as we go.

Once you find that stirring isn't doing anything, grab your non-stick spray and cover your hands with it. I mean use A LOT. Like a gross amount, this is the only way to move quickly or else you will never get past the shaping steps. You might need to re-coat a couple of times!

Get your hands in there! Grab some popcorn mixture and shape it into a ball. Set a finished one on your wax paper. Be careful the mixture will still be pretty hot. As you can see I didn't have any wax paper I used a plastic bad and a Trader Joe's bag! They worked ok. As you continue shaping you might notice that you need more marshmallow mixture, grab some of the leftover that is still sitting over low heat and add it on. You can also add extra popcorn from the bottom that isn't coated yet to clumps that have too much marshmallow...wait too much... is that possible?
Keep going until you have used all the popcorn,
Once the treats have set store the popcorn balls
in airtight containers or in zip-top bags.

To clean up just soak the pot in some hot and soapy water, worked like a charm.

Happy Snacking!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Should Be Wednesday Pattern

I was all set to start my new themed day yesterday. All I needed was a cute pattern to show. Well I got a little stuck. I couldn't find the pattern I had in mind so I ended up postponing till today.
First let me explain the point of this. Every Wednesday, I will be featuring a pattern, knitting or sewing, that I think is fashion forward and should be added to your wardrobe. Now anyone could search around all day for simple sewing and knitting project that are fashionable. But why spend the time when I will be compiling them here for you? The point is to give you a go to spot for handpicked pieces when you have an itch to make something new for yourself or as a gift.

So here we go!

This week's pattern is something you might already have in your closet. It is something that just about eveyone can pull off and is fairly simple to make. The Pencil Skirt! Don't click away just yet, even if you already have one or think you can't pull off this look. Even if you already have the standard wool black pencil you should consider making this one. Not only, can you never have enough simple work skirts, when you make your own everything is totally customizable. The fit, the buttons, the fabric, you can even add a lining so it doesn't ride up with tights. I hate that!!

Enter BurdaStyle my favorite go to for sewing patterns. The patterns are cheap, sometimes free, and you can print them at home, follow the directions and assemble the pattern easily! Another reason to give the pencil a go? Its fairly cheap supplies wise and a great pattern for a sewer looking to increase confidence- its easy, and it is sewing instant gratification. You can make it in a short amount of time and put it into the rotation for work right away! Another great aspect of BurdaStyle is that it is a network of sewers, so if you have questions you can post right on the pattern page for help. You can also browse other people finished projects and their comments on the process and any hiccups they had.

This particular version of the pencil has some great detail in the front as well as a cute side tab style button. According to the pattern description "It fits just below the natural waist and with pleats on one side, it accentuates both slender and curvy figures." You can make it a very serious piece with suiting
material, or you can go funky. The possibilities are endless!
So please go check out the Alexis pattern #7945 and get sewing!

Also if you have a snappy name for my fashion forward Wednesday post please drop me a line in the comments section! I want to tag them all the same so people can easily look at all the featured patterns, but I am currently at a loss for a snappy name. Thanks in advance!

**Pictures are from BurdaStyle users

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mind Wandering Weakness

I love to start projects. I have many many many projects that are cut out or bookmarked waiting for me to start them. It is finishing projects that I have a hard time with. Once the mystery of how to make something is gone, and my hands or needles or sewing machine are on autopilot my mind begins to wander to the next project. It really is an illness, one that certain motherly figures will likely never let me forget.

The short list of unfinished project sitting around my house? One half finished baby sweater knit in primary colors, a knitted quilt with lamb blocks, my Lady February Sweater, one finished glitten ( A Christmas Present still waiting to be delivered...) Numerous hats that just need ends weaved in and seams sewn, a huge CD organizing project, a yellow eyelet skirt that just needs hemming, a pair of Banana Republic cords that I want to turn into carpi's.... really the list goes on, but is all I can think of off the top of my head.

To try and counteract this I am assigning crafting time to certain projects. Since I am going home this Friday for a week, and none of my other friends will be out of school to hang out, I have a whole week with the sewing machine and my knitting needles with nothing to do! SO I have 3 projects I would like to complete start to finish over the week. Its a pretty lofty goal but I know I can finish at least 2, the third might end up as a long term project. Two of the projects I have already talked about here.

Project #1

First I want to finish up this sweater. As you may remember from this post I already took in the sides for a slimmer fit. Step two in the sweater revamp is to change the neckline into a V-neck. I would also love to add some ruffles, but I am thinking that might be too much with the sweater, since it is already striped. This sweater is really just a test run for it's sister sweater in gray that I really love.

Project #2

Next up is another project I have already mentioned here. If you will recall this post, you already know that I am planning to make the shirt that Nina Dobrav is wearing. I have been looking around for a pattern for a modern button down. Considering my sewing skills I will probably make the shirt once and then mess with the pattern to make it more fitted and add the ruffle on my second try. My goal is to make it look like the one in this picture. I will be scouring the fabric stores at home from some cheap fabric for a first try and then hopefully some navy blue for the real deal. I think these two are totally doable projects, since I will have my sewing gifted mother at my disposal as well.

Project #3

My third project will be the most time consuming and and the biggest stretch of skills for me, of the three. For years my grandma has been pestering me to write a sweater pattern for her. She knits A LOT. Like she finishes a huge blanket in a few days. She knits herself sweaters all the time, but they don't fit her. I think I would be hard pressed to find one that did. You see she is the skinniest person ever! EVER!! So she wants a sweater that actually fits. I have never written a sweater pattern before, and I am sure you will all hear my cries as I write this one. However, I don't think it will be too hard considering I won't have to do ANY shaping. Yep, skinny and built like a ruler... Wish I had gotten some of her genes! Spring break will be the perfect time to buy yarn with her, and get her measurements and design specs so I can knit her a sweater and write a pattern along the way. For this project I will have little help though, just books, the internet and my own know how. Well I guess I will have some help afterall, but none from any knitter around here, I happen to be the best knitter in my family, not bragging just a fact, I swear!

So what do you think? Do you gals approve of my spring break of crafts? Just keep your fingers crossed that everything gets done!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I have always had a thing for pearls. Tthe first earrings I bought when I got my ears pierced? Freshwater pearl studs! I must have had an eye for classic style, even at the young age of 11.
In the same vein, I have been working with a fashion and accessory specialist, to develop some new pieces for my Etsy shop. I wanted to combine ribbon and pearls and she helped with the right lengths the design and with current and classic color combinations. You can be assured that these necklaces will become your new go to pieces and that they will last you a long time. I specialize in pretty strong jewelry, I know how I treat mine... I just listed five new necklaces in my shop to see how people like them.

Without further ado here are some pictures of my new beauties...

So tell me what you think about them? I know I love them but that could just be me? In other blog news I am thinking about adding another theme day. As you know I currently do the Sunday 5, and Food Friday. I am thinking about featuring one knitting and maybe sewing pattern each Wednesday. I know it would be nice to have a place to go for handpicked fashion forward knit pieces. If you would be interested in this type of feature let me know!

Well I am out, I need to recover after the hour and a half I just spent with my calculator doing mortage calculations in my Real Estate class. Ya I know, your so jealous!

Happy Monday Party People!