Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Put A Pin On It

Want to make this pretty flower? It can be a pin of even go in your hair on a pin or ponytail holder.
Here we go.
1. Gather your supplies
  • Felt- you can use whatever colors you have around
  • A needle and thread- you can see I used a contrasting thread for the edges
  • A pearl or button- you can use anything here for the center of the flower
  • hot glue- for putting on the center, you could also sew on the middle if its a button or something else with a hole.
2. Cut two circles out of the felt, one slightly larger than the other. The smaller one is the center of your flower

Don't be afraid to add a lot of stitches here. This is the center of your flower and the stitches won't show. Get it to look good.

I trimmed the white circle so it was kind of wavy. Here you do the same thing as above. Pinch the white and sew through the folds to get the look you want.

Next thread up your needle with a contrasting thread and do a whip stitch around the edges of the outer flower. There is lots of variations you could do here. Add another layer of felt, do different colors, do two layers of the same colors, or do the contrasting stitch on the center layer or both layers. The possibilities are as endless as your craft supply stash!

Finally pick out your center and hot glue it in. I added a safety pin to the back and wore it around on my shirt all day
I am going to make one so I don't get pinched on St. Patrick's day. I will post it soon!


  1. Aww, that's cute! I like the idea of one for St. Patrick's Day. Thanks so much for the Twitter follow, it's how I found your blog! I would love to link to some of your projects if you didn't mind.

  2. That would be awesome, link away. I will be adding an update for a St. Patty's day with pictures soon!