Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Secrets Come Out

So I have a confession. I am totally, insanely in love with a new TV show. Let me preface the embarrassment with a little background. I am a TOTAL sucker for all things teenage. I am more a teenager now then when my age actually ended in teen. I read books out of the young adult section in the bookstore. I find myself at the movie theater looking around and see lots of girls who can't even drive yet. I don't even really understand it, I have some theories why I love all things teenage, but today is not the day for psychoanalysis.

So back to my new favorite TV show. I really only started watching because I really like the main female character, Nina Dobrev, because she is from another teenage show I really like, Degrassi. I am all slightly obsessed with Canada so Degrassi is like heaven for me. This show is like the perfect storm of things I love, because it also is filmed and takes place in the south! I love the south!!!

So last semester during finals week The CW was showing a marathon of sorts, of the show Vampire Diaries. Wait don't judge me just yet! It is SOOOO good! Seriously I love it. It is not just like twilight on TV. The show is actually based on a book series from the 90's. Despite being a vampire show, it is a really good show about trust, truth and lies. New things are reveled often and twists are around every corner. It also is developing into a kick ass love triangle, which rings of Dawson's Creek esque intensity. Plus there is plenty of brooding monsters who want to be good....

Need I say more? Check it out, Thursday nights 8/7c
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Now it's your turn. What are your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows?
Tell all in the comments section!!!

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