Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl & Food

I guess this is becoming a theme, starting a blog entry with things I love. Today is the Superbowl, which is a day that combines SOO many things I love. Football, TV, food! Oh how do I love the food I get to eat because of the Superbowl. So today I thought I would share a couple different things I associate with game days. The first recipe, if you can call if that, comes from my grandma. It is SOO terrible for you, but I have remade it so I never feel guilty eating it and sometimes even have it on days other than game day...

First grab those ingredients I mentioned in my last post
-Hot Dogs
- Bacon
-a bun, or bread if you have some around

Now this is how my grandma makes them. First she butters the buns, wraps them in foil and sticks them in the oven so they will be warm when you're done. Next she takes a hot dog and cuts a slit down the middle. Here she inserts a few cubes of cheese. Next grab three toothpicks and a slice of bacon. Attach one end of the bacon to one end of the hot dog with a toothpick. Wrap the bacon around the hot dog securing with another toothpick in the middle and at the end. Now place on a broiler pan and broil this puppies until the bacon is cooked to your liking and the cheese is melting. Unwrap a bun, remove the toothpicks and take a big bite, today is the Superbowl you deserve it!!

What if you are like me and want that bacon to extra crispy? Here's my advice, cook the bacon a bit first in a pan. Now don't go to crazy here, cook it low and slow, and remember it has to bend once you wrap it so don't cook it all the way.

Another version? Lighten this up using Hebrew National reduced fat, or 97% fat free hot dogs and turkey bacon. I can't tell the difference between reduced fat and the regular, but the 97% guys do taste different, but its a small price to pay when they are 35 calories and when wrapped in bacon, I mean what doesn't taste great wrapped in bacon??

Another great way to make these is with a George Foreman Grill. I wrap mine and stick it on the grill, this way I don't need toothpicks, just make sure you rotate every a couple of min. Then I toast my bun in the oven with a couple of slices of cheese on the bun. Fantastic!

One final tip, if you are doing this on an actual grill outside, soak your toothpicks first so they don't catch fire. This makes them extremely hard to remove...

Have you got your cheese grated for the typical gameday nachos yet? Here is my number one tip for great nachos, layers. It is all about the layers people! For a big batch lay out some foil on a cookie sheet and then a thin layer of chips. Take care that the chips are not in a huge pile, spread them into a thin layer. Next add your shredded cheese. Add another layer and then more cheese. Do not skimp on the cheese, it is the binder between the layers and it's also really yummy! Layer up until you have enough and put your cookie sheet into a hot oven. Somewhere around 350. Check often and make sure the inside layers are melted before you take them out. If the top is getting too done, put a sheet of foil over the top. You can also do this on a microwave safe plate, but cover with plastic wrap before you cook, and remember to leave a vent.

If you plan on adding various veggies put them in the layers as well. Some add ons are better just on top, because they are so flavorful, like jalapenos. Some good veggie ideas? Green onions!! These are the best topping EVER!! Also tomato or a pico de gallo are good for tomato lovers, or make your nachos Cali style and cut up some avocado! The options are endless, just remember LAYERS!! Layers people, layers!

See you after the game! Enjoy whatever Super food you decide on this afternoon!

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