Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Sunday 5

Wow so much is making me happy this Sunday. Right now I am having a ball watching the Grammy's with my roommates! But it was the start to my day that was really fantastic! In fact its #1 of the Sunday 5! Without further delay...
  1. Getting up early- this is really hard for me usually so I was proud of myself to get up on a Sunday Morning.
  2. Walking Sunset Cliffs this morning. Pictures and story to follow...
  3. Having frozen yogurt for breakfast! Strawberry and Pineapple with strawberry pieces, YUM!
  4. 3 loads of laundry. Today I did three loads of laundry and now have a closet full of different outfits! Exciting!
  5. Staying in touch with all my Seattle people via Twitter. Its amazing and we stay connected this way. Sometimes I am amazed with technology. Twitter to my phone?? AWESOME!!

Sometimes, especially when I am home for a long break, I really rag on California. I even refer to it as the land of the vain. But that is just me being negative Nelly. Today when I was walking the cliffs with my old roommate Denise, I remembered just how much I love San Diego and the beach and USD. Sometimes my Pacific Northwest friends taint my opinion of Southern California, because they might not like it. But I it love here, I chose this place and I love it. So here's to San Diego, where all of the Sunday 5 took place this week. California YOU ROCK!!!

Sunset Cliffs...a story in Pictures!

Isn't it pretty? The park is mostly a trail right along the cliffs. It was warm but the cliffs have a nice ocean breeze and spray! Lovely!

This guy's surfboard broke in HALF!!

We did in fact see a rescue! I surfer apparently lost his board? And then I saw this guy jump off a cliff and try to rescue him. Well he failed! The guy was totally stuck in a spot by the cliffs that was pulling him every which way. The guy who jumped in ended up leaving him. Then a life guard came and got him. Then a boat came to pick them up, and THEN a helicopter flew over!

What can I say, has there ever been a better argument for The Heather Cam? If you have no idea what The Heather Cam is, it all centers around all the crazy things I see. But if I were to wear a camera on my head, like a helmet camera, I could document all the loco stuff I see.
Happy Sunday!!!


  1. Here is my Sunday 5:
    1. Staying up til 3:30am watching Roger Federer maticulously win his 16th title
    2. Having breakfast with the mother
    3. Enjoying a movie with the roommates
    4. Having lunch with a good friend I hadn't seen in weeks
    5. Finishing my laundry after 6 hours (forgot I started it!)

  2. Here's my sunday 5:
    1) hitting the laundromat and having a fresh wardrobe of clothes!
    2) taking an awesomely great nap and waking up exactly when i wanted
    3) watching season 2 of 30 rock
    4) painting my nails an awesome electric royal blue!
    5) lea michelle's dress at the grammy awards

  3. AWwwww guys!! I love being happy! Sunday is the best!!