Saturday, January 16, 2010

Business Sense

As some of you may know I am trying to start up my own business. Over the past couple weeks I have been making pieces for sale, working on my own website, and starting this blog. Needless to say this has been keeping me quite busy. I have always wanted to have my own business and while it is hard work so far, just to get everything set up, it is a labor of love!

I bought this book at Barnes and Noble from the Missing Manual series, called Creating a Website. It's a lot more complicated than I thought. Luckily I am working with a 60 day free trial of the Microsoft web page editor. This makes designing a website more like creating a Word document or PowerPoint presentation, but still not something I can churn out in a weekend. Once I get that up and running it will link to this blog, my future Etsy store and some other exciting features to be revealed. I already bought my domain name so look for an announcement coming soon when the page is up and running. Very Exciting!

In other news, I should have five pieces on this weekend and I have three in the wings that should be up soonish as well.

The task really getting me down? Of all this tasks upon me right now while starting my handmade business, what am I avoiding the most? Maybe the thing I am trained to do? Well if you guessed Accounting, GOLD star for you!!! Yep the finance major, who has worked in accounting for three years is completely dreading working out the books for her business. I need to enter all my receipts and figure out the cost for me to produce each piece. But have I opened an spreadsheet yet? Nope. I do have a pile of receipts by my feet a good start I say. Tomorrow is a new day and I promise I will at least open a spreadsheet. I guess I have to anyway if I am going to list anything on Etsy. Have to figure out the price, right?

So tomorrow after I have taken pictures of my new pieces, input all my receipts, and listed five items on Etsy I hope to have a fun Mod Podge tutorial for you all. The theme? Oh, just one of my favorite things, football!! I figure lots of craft people make lovely gifts for the females in their lives, why leave out the boys. So stay tuned for a fun football theme project for all the little boys in your life!

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  1. Just had my first taste of accounting last week. I agree... no fun!