Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gone Thriftin'

Just like the title above sugests...I recently went to the thrift store, and the dollar store which I consider thrifty! Oh yes I did! Want to see what I got?

First a side note: The best part is what happened on the way from the Salvation army to Trader Joe's. So my partner in crime, Denise, and I tried to get from the thrift store to TJ's. They are about ten minutes apart...maybe? But I couldn't take a left out of the driveway back towards TJ's so I went right. Well Denise and I have been at USD for 4 years, so we thought we could find a new way to TJ's on our own. Boy were we wrong!! Like seriously WRONG! We went through a series of rights and lefts through neighborhoods we didn't recognize until finally we got on top of a hill to get our bearings. Just like Bear Grylls from Man Vs. Wild taught me! But what did we see? The ocean of all things!! Trader Joe's is on the bay side of the point NOT the ocean side. So I made a bold choice. Go to the ocean and turn and hope to find the bay. Here we stumbled into a park. This park was beautiful, with a meandering trail along the cliffs. The ocean was filled with surfers. It was so pretty and amazing we are going back tomorrow! But then the road along the ocean ended!! A dead fricking end!! I mean come on!!! To make the rest of this long story short we eventually wound out way out and got to TJ's, after about 45 min!!! Ridiculous!! It should have been 10 minutes!!! Turns out, Denise and I do not know San Diego as well as we thought. But we certainly learned a lot on this crazy journey.

...But I digress back to the thrifting part of the adventure...

Here is the group all washed a ready to be transformed by color and embellishments. Can't you just taste the possibility?

Yes those are pumpkins on the towels. I can't help it I love Halloween!

Want to know what else was AWESOME!! The salvation army was having a blow out fifty percent off sale! And I didn't even know about it!! I just stumbled in there, extra sweet!!

Here a few of my favorite ones. I just love working with the different shapes. This one here, so different -->
The top part is so different. It will probably end up being two toned to emphasize the two halves of the vase! I just love it, it is defiantly my favorite out of the bunch!!

I don't know why but I am really grooving on anything that has edges. Hence this beauty I picked out. What's really cool about this one is that the edges are on the inside. The outside is perfectly smooth! It looks like it will be perfect as a glowing candle holder.

Once I got home I couldn't contain myself and the crafty energy was flowing through me. So I started one piece that I haven't shown you yet. It is kind of like a fish bowl, pretty big too. But I found the perfect color. So here it is in all its unfinished glory.
I am not sure where to go from here. But I think the turquoise needs to be darker so I will soldier on until more inspiration strikes. I am thinking blue to go with it. Something blue defiantly.

I also worked on some earrings this evening. Afterward, I was browsing the web, like I do, and I found the BEST sight.!!! My Oh MY!!! This place is a dream for anyone who loves sequins, like ME! Can you tell how excited I am?? Well my advice is that everyone check it out!!

That's it I'm out!! Tune in tomorrow for the Sunday 5!!

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