Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Years Resolution?

Is that new years resolution to get fit going well? If this sounds like you this next tutorial is right up your ally!!

Sweater Revamp!!
So I have this sweater...

I kind of think its icky! It is not made of very nice fabric, all the edges are nasty and as you can see the back is longer than the front. And if you think about that, having the back longer than the front is only going to be exacerbated on a lady... ya. So I just bought a cute v neck ruffle tee shirt from j crew and two amazing v neck sweaters at the Gap. So I thought I am going to make this sweater into a V neck, they look better on me anyway. But while I was messing with it, I also decided I would spruce it up a little more. THis sweater is TOO big now. It is stretched out and doesn't fit any more. So for part one of this tutorial I will be showing you how to bring in a sweater and create a more slim fit! Perfect if you have been hitting the gym as part of your New Years Resolution.

  • Sweater
  • Sewing machine- need to use either a zigzag stitch or an over lock stitch
  • Scissors
  • Matching thread
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Safety Pin
  • Washable marker- something non permanent to draw on your sweater with
One tip to start- you are going to get a better fit if you are willing to try the sweater on every once and a while in this project. To make this project go faster wearing a tank top so you can just throw on the sweater, is ideal.

To start try on your sweater. You want to take off even amounts from both sides so pull the sweater away from your side and measure how much you want to take off from each side. I took off an inch on both sides of my sweater. Any time I mention an inch just insert how much you are taking off your sweater or tee.

Next turn your sweater inside out and lay it out in your work area. I put a safety pin where I wanted to go in. I did not slim the sweater through the bust, only the torso.

Next you want to measure an inch out from the current seam. I used an erasable marker to draw what will become my new seam.
I drew right along my straight edge until the safety pin.

Once you get to your safety pin draw a diagonal line that meets up with the original seam. You can see my line 2 pictures up. Now just sew up your line! You have a couple choices here depending on the fabric of your shirt. Mine was part sweater part jerseylike tee shirt. What worked for me was using a zigzag stitch on my line, then cutting and then using an over lock stitch on the raw edges.

Here is what my zigzag looked like before I started cutting.

However I think it would also work well to use an over lock stitch and then cut very carefully right next to you line. If you choose this method make sure you don't pick an over lock stitch where the needle has to miss the edge of the fabric. If the fabric of your shirt does not fray you can skip this and just do the zigzag. If you want to clean up the raw edges then do an over lock stitch. I really all depends on the fabric. However I did both and then trimmed after the over lock stitch.

After sewing up the sides try on your shirt again. Is the fit ok? Maybe you want to make it smaller. Here is your chance to make another line. If you need to go in further be aware that you have to be willing to make the new line at least a half to a quarter inch further in so the old line will get cut off. Remember that is on both sides!! So try hard to get your line right first, or if you want to experiment baste the lines first and try on your sweater.

After my over lock stitch and trim

Turn your revamped sweater right side out and press the new seams. Where the safety pin was will be a little funny but if looks fine after it its ironed. Well isn't that swell, an old sweater is good to go once again!

Part 2, where this sweater becomes a V neck, won't be for a while since I left this sweater in Seattle with the sewing machine...

...and to end, a fun picture of my kitty, Emily all wrapped up in my bed...

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