Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can you say exhausted?

Well I certainly can! So where have I been since my last blog post? Having the time of my life? Sleeping? Watching TV? Nope! I have been working! And finally some of this is ready to be revealed! I have my first listings on Etsy! I cannot even contain my excitement. Today I listed three valentines themed candle holders, a larger yellow candle holder, and a blue vase. All are handmade and one of a kind. All the candle holders can also be used as vases. Just a little add for myself and here are some pictures to wet your appetite!

Pretty Right? Well I think so. To check out the rest and more pictures click HERE.

So what else have I been working on? Lots and lots of projects that I am almost ready to share with you here. First I am working on a football themed Mod Podge project. It would have been up here already but I cannot find quite enough extras. But I will give you a hint! The top is covered with a calendar page that has one of my favorite University of Washington players on it. I am quickly discovering that calenders make great inspiration and have perfect images to Mod Podge with. I will never throw a calendar away again! I already have a panda one saved, I love pandas!!! Can't wait to see what that turns into!

What else is on the horizon? A new knitting pattern! Yep a while ago I knit a hat for a friend of mine and now I am making a pattern of my own. The ear flap hat is coming your way soon!! Here is the one I already made and the inspiration for the pattern I am working on now!
An Action Shot!!

After that a tutorial will follow with instructions on how to line the hat with fleece in case you made the hat a little big or used a itchy yarn. The hat from above was a little itchy so I will use it in the tutorial. I have one more big project, actually a gift up my sleeve as well but that's a secret for now. All I have to say is, inspiration strikes in the oddest of places!!

Well that's all for now, but a lot to look forward to in the coming days! Talk to you all soon!

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