Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Favor For a Friend

So a while ago a friend called me up asking for some Glittens. Having never heard of this new term I asked and found out that glittens are all the rage in the cold parts of earth. Part gloves part mittens they are the perfect combo for fluctuating temps and easy finger access to text like we young people do ALL THE TIME.

Now said friend asked for a warm oatmeal color yarn, slightly hard to come by in Southern California, where it was still pretty warm. I went to my favorite craft, yarn and sewing store that is near my college, The Grove. Here the lovely lady helping me pointed me toward this beauty.

As you can see it knit up quite nicely. While she may not have received the requested oatmeal colored glittens I was pretty happy with how they turned out. See for yourself.

~Non Knitters Turn Back Now! Knitting details to follow...~

I used this pattern I probably found on Ravelry. The pattern was pretty easy to understand and I did fine until the part you flip over. I picked up the stitches called for but didn't use my head and started the decreasing right when the length covered just the finger parts. Well I didn't think that the fingerless tops are quite short compared to actual fingers so I had to rip back and make the tops a lot longer to cover the tops of fingers comfortably. If I were to do the pattern again? I would make the flip tops wider by a couple stitches. It was kind of tight on even my little hands. I also omitted the button and loop contraption from the pattern, per customer request.

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