Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sports ... Crafts? Yes Please!

Gifts are my thing. I love love love finding the perfect present for a friend or family member. I have this file on my computer (note to persons with access to said computer, don't go looking for this file!) where I put links and ideas for all the people I need to get gifts for. Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthdays, you get the idea. So when I found THIS post online I knew I found the perfect gift for another sports fiend friend.

So Chica and Jo spell it out but I thought I would share my experience and the following gift receiver reaction. Stay tuned for that pic!

The biggest roadblock in this project was squaring the piece of AstroTurf the kind people and Home Depot sold me. Thankfully I was at home for the holidays and my dad, a general contractor by trade, helped me with this time consuming task. Frankly, it wasn't super important that the rug be perfectly square. I folded the turf the long way and squared it off that way. It worked pretty well however I'll warn you, don't use a utility knife on your nice backyard concrete, ours is all scratched up and some people aren't to happy about it. Yikes!

Like Chica and Jo I used duct tape for the yard lines. However unlike Chica and Jo I used puff paint for the numbers. I used stencils, usually used for spray painting addresses. So far according to the new owner the painted numbers are holding up fine.

Hopefully your puff paints aren't as old as mine, can you say hand cramp, I can barely type it!

And as my final magic act I wrote Washington in one end zone and Huskies on the other. Yep we're UW Husky fans around here, and we don't take kindly to Dawg haters round these parts!! And while I may be a fan of one team in the Pac-10, a ducks fan I am not. I just have to give it up to the champs of this years Rose Bowl. Any team that defeats the Ducks wins a gold star in my book so here's a big heyyoooo to the Ohio State Buckeyes and for the Final Final a picture of the winning coach!!

As for the gift receiver reaction? Well the day of I got a great picture of the reaction, the verdict 2 thumbs up. While I may want to share that picture I don't want to turn readers into enemies. Posting your friends online, they may not like it. But you know how I really knew she liked it? Her and a roommate playing paper football, you know the kind all the boys play in grade school, using the rug!! Hey score one for the gift giver!

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