Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hold Me Accountable

So I was over at Pickles the other day. And they had this amazing free cardigan pattern. It is just lovely. I am sharing this because I want you all to remind me to knit it again when I am out of college and have a steady income. Or when I become a huge success on Etsy!

Here is the picture from their sight -->

The best part? They recommend yarn from their shop and its not to expensive either, even if you upgrade from merino wool to cashmerino. For all you non knitters, cashmerino is a blend of cashmere and merino wool, which is also very soft. Even better, it has a slightly open fabric and a double strand, so it will knit up fairly quickly on larger needles. I can't wait to knit it! So, call to action here, remind me!

If you want to check out the pattern yourself, click HERE.

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