Thursday, April 29, 2010

...And Thursday

With my last round of tests over until finals, life in San Diego is easy and fun once again.  It's spring time and while the sun is out the wind is keeping me in coats and jeans, instead of the V-necks and skirts I prefer this time of year.  Sitting inside looking outside at the pretty blue sky has me itching for all the things about summer I love.  I am daydreaming about events that are sure to be mentioned in detail while they are happening.  One of my favorite summer events is my annual 4th of July party. Everything about the party is a surprise until people arrive.  I plan the menu and decorations way in advance.  As in- I already have the main and side dishes planed, still working on desert and drinks! I have been working away on different ideas for a few weeks now and when I stumbled upon this dress, I knew that I would be wearing a version of it on the 4th!

 Isn't it amazing?  It is the perfect mix for nautical and patriotic, something I can wear all summer long!  But there is no way I am paying over fifty dollars plus shipping for this dress. So here is my plan.  Find a suitable tank top replacement and add it to a skirt in a similar cherry red.  I will probably make the skirt myself.  It is a fairly simple A-Line number with a little extra volume in the form of pleats/ruffles at the top. Sounds pretty easy and fun, I hope to keep the entire look under 20 dollars.  I am currently debating between two different tanks, one about five dollars and the other ten. I might actually go into forever 21 and see what I can try on in person as well.  But here is where the fun feature come in! I am defiantly not going to rock a huge bow on my waist, like some pretty package waiting to opened...UM ICKK!  Bows are one trend I cannot get with!  Instead I am going to make this...

Totally Awesome Rose Belt!

I think this belt would be the perfect topper for my tank dress. A fun detail at the waist, but not a huge bow like a bride's maids dress! The belt is simple to make, all you need is some fabric, interfacing and 2 D rings.  Another positive about this over the bow, is that I can wear it with more than just my dress.  Hop on over to Emily Spark's blog and browse the fun other fun tutorials she had.  But don't forget the awesome rose belt! 
In other news, I graduate in less than 30 days! 23 days and 19ish hours according to the senior tab on my school's website!  Once I return home this blog is going to be SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!!  I will actually be able to sew some projects!  I will have all my craft items in one single place, instead of split between California and Washington.  Needless to say I am very excited!  But I will keep crafting and sharing and writing in the meantime.  A big thanks to all the readers who have supported my baby blog, which is growing up everyday!


  1. Your 4th of July dress and rose belt are going to look be fabulous! I can't wait to see it! and Graduation is sooo close! I'm very excited for you! :)

  2. oh my, where can i get that dress too?? it really is the perfect mix of nautical, bows and 4th of july!