Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sunday Five

This week is going to suck.  I realize that by making this statement, I
A. sound like a grade schooler via my use of the word suck, &
B am guaranteeing that the week will indeed suck. 
Here is my week, and let me mention that I have literally have only 12 days of class left this semester.  I have two tests tomorrow, one in operations management, and one in real estate finance.  I have a paper due Tuesday, in my interpersonal relations class, I also have a business law test either on Wednesday or Friday, and I have an event about BEER I have to go to for my strategic management class on Thursday night, as well as the second to last round of the business simulation competition due on Thursday night. But I digress, even with the insane amount of work I have I still have pleanty to be happy about.  Getting past all the complaining/venting here is my Sunday Five!

1. John Mayer- it seems that this amazing singer/songwriter/guitarist has had some bad press recently. I pretty much just ignore it and think what I want, the phrase I do what I want comes to mind...  But I hadn't listened to my extensive collection of John in a while. I was in my roommate's car yesterday and Heartbreak Warfare came on the radio when she turned on the car.  If you follow me on Twitter, you will know exactly how this made me feel.  But since I have more the 140 characters to express it here let me tell you again.  Hearing that song come on the radio was like running into someone you LOVE but haven't seen in a really long time at the grocery store.  You didn't expect to see them but your heart just fills with joy and you want to run up to them in the middle of the store and hug them super hard.  I have know idea why I reacted this way but it was the image that went along with my feelings right at that moment.  I wish I could have hugged, John in the flesh, his music makes me so happy, reminds me of great times and some of my favorite people! Ok I will stop sounding like a crazy fan now. But In case you were wondering this is what I am listening to now...

2.The sunny weather seems to be making a reappearance, although says it's only temporary.  Knowing my days in California are numbered, literally 28 until I graduate, seems to make every sunny day that much more precious.  Seattle summers are gorgeous, but usually include more than enough rain.  Every second I can be outside in the warm sun the happier I am.

3. Glee!  Have you seen the most recent episode?  Well it was totally Madonna themed, and super amazing! Sue says that Madonna is empowering and well, the episode was just that.  I mean its a musical TV show, so the stories are going to be exteme, but the message was clear!  I love love love Glee, and adding Madonna to the mix just made it that much better!

4. I had a comment this morning on my blog on my dollar store post, the Zipped Cuff
   "Michelle L. said... This is beautiful! Extra thank you for the no-sew part. Also (first time reader here)  you are an amazing writer. If I'd been drinking milk it would have come out my nose."
 What an amazing complement! I try SO HARD to be funny and most of the time I fail, so when people actually laugh it makes me feel incredible.  In addition she said I am a great writer, which I always love to hear.  Now if my teachers all saw it that way... But the comment really made my morning!

5. I had a wonderful relaxing walk this morning with my friend Denise, in Coronado.  I love walking the boardwalk, and the beach.  It was a great way to get the morning started, and since I have been so busy lately it was nice to catch up on the goings on here at USD.  It was just what I needed to start this week off strong and kick butt on my tests (3) and paper (1). 

Bonus #6. The Vampire Diaries was AMAZING this week.  Only two episodes left!!  I just watched it this morning and it totally rocked my TV world.  I am always in such shock during the episodes.  I even did the Home Alone Face...

Seriously, I do that, just ask my roommates! I know I say this all the time but I love the show so much, I am addicted.  I spend so much time reacting to all the craziness, I am constantly caught off guard by what happens next.  I never see anything coming.  My only prediction is that Elena is going to become a vampire.  But my guess is that won't happen this season.  I can't wait for the next episode!

Okay party people, I have shared what is making me happy this week, its your turn! 
What is making you happy this Sunday??

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  1. 1. being blonde again!!!
    2. the amazing apartment i may move into next week... for so cheap!
    3. my incredible job
    4. making new friends in the big apple
    5. hanging out with my roommate all weekend watching movies and apartment hunting