Monday, April 12, 2010

The Monday Million

...Just kidding.

I decided to postpone the Sunday five for one day. Two reasons: 1. its my birthday so its the best day to celebrate all the stuff that makes me happy, and 2. I was really tired yesterday.  Driving in the dark is a major energy suck! So what is making me happy on my 22nd birthday? Read on to find out...Hint, its more than five less than a million!

  1. My new Whirley Pop popcorn popper.  If you know me personally or have been reading the blog for a while you probably know how much I love bacon, but my love for popcorn is a close second place.  A while back I read an awesome post about kettle corn over at Chica and Jo.  Well for my birthday I asked for the popper and my parents came through.  I already tried the movie theater mix that came with, AWESOME!! I love it!!
  2. My Birthday play list, which I tried SOOO hard to upload here for you guys to listen to, but I will just had to add some links so you all can listen!  This is just a 5 song sample from the birthday mix I got when I turned 16! I am very lucky to still have the giver in my life! Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 Song 4 Song 5.  Happy listening!
  3. Vampire Diaries.  Are you following me on twitter? Well if you are you know I am totally obsessed.  The last episode literally drove me insane.  I can hardly wait for the next episode, the show is just so good, I can't put it into words. 
  4. Palm Springs.  Over Easter and this past weekend I was visiting my parents in Palm Springs that is where I have been with no internet access.  But it was super relaxing and a great way to celebrate with my parents. 
  5. My new favorite drink!  Diet Mug Root beer with some no sugar added vanilla ice cream.  SO amazing low sugar and low cal root beer float! Tasty!   
  6. Living at the beach.  Sometimes San Diego feels just like any other city.  But 80% of the time the air has a hint of salt. The morning starts with a hint of onshore flow and some pretty white clouds keeping the spring just cool enough. I love everything about the beach, except sunburns. 
  7. LIMES!!!  My roommates and I are totally obsessed with anything hint of lime.  Hint of lime chips, popcorn and beer have all been approved here! SO SO SO tasty, cannot even convey! We are currently in search of a lime salt so we can give a hint of lime to even more foods!
Get ready for some awesome posts this week, and some fun pictures of my trip and some of the trinkets I acquired along the way!


    1. I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted a Sunday here is my modified Tuesday version.
      1. Softball starts this week. Me and the guys are super excited!
      2. Garage sale! Gonna start pricing this week and now that a date has been set, I am even more anxious to get going.
      3. Having a semi-short lab in about 10 min. It will be a moral victory if we get out in 2 hours after the two 5 hour ones we pulled last week.

      That is all. Have a good week!

    2. this thrills me because of the mix :) we listened to funny music when we were 16, but that mix stands the test of time.