Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

 I know I haven't posted much lately, I have been busy applying for jobs and doing school work.  But I only have a week of school left and then finals and then I graduate! But even the busy student takes time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  Just in case you want to break out the tequila here are a couple of non-margarita drinks I thought I would share.

The Mitchel

Fill a tall glass with ice, add a shot of tequila.  Add a splash of grenadine and fill glass with fresca. Garnish with lime.

Fizzy Tequila Lime
-Diet 7up
-Margarita mix- Optional

Same as above, fill glass with ice, add a shot of tequila, add a splash of margarita mix, and fill glass with the 7up. Garnish with a couple lime slices.

Both of these drinks are pretty awesome and not too calorie heavy, both diet 7up and Fresca are 0 calories.  But of you are craving a more authentic margarita drink try these sugar free dry mix ins.  They are like crystal lite but for cocktails.  They are great to have on hand for when you want to unwind guilt free on a warm summer evening! Delish!
Baja Bob's Original Margarita Mix, Sugar Free, 2.1-Ounce Packets (Pack of 4)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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