Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sunday Five

What a week! So much to be happy about in life right now! So lets get started

1. Disneyland- I spent yesterday with two great friends at the happiest place on earth! My current roommate and my former roommate headed out of San Diego yesterday at about 7AM and spent the day on rides; alternating between laughing and screaming! We had an amazing time!

2. I could probably write this every week, but the Vampire Diaries really really makes me happy. I don't watch too many TV shows regularly anymore, but I look forward to TVD every week and it just keeps getting better and better! Only 3 episodes left until the season finally!!!

3. I have a few things coming around the bend that are also making me giddy, just looking forward to them! One is my friend Jackie is coming to visit me in San Diego, and I am so excited to show her around, while I still call California home!

4. Another thing I am looking forward to is the NFL draft. I don't think many people are as insane as me, but I pretty much watch it for 48 hours straight. I am really nervous and excited to see who goes where. The draft is really exciting especially when you follow college and NFL football, its like you really know the players!

5. Even though they always make me happy, I just want to throw a shout out to my roommates! They make me so happy and we just have a great time together. We watch movies, play card games, and even do insane workout DVD's together! I am so lucky to have great roommates, it make school SO SO SO much better!

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  1. Here we go:
    1. Getting really good softball workouts in with the guys and my team this week.
    2. Got to sledgehammer the living daylights out of an old dog house this morning. Great way to release stress
    3. Even though they lost, listening and watching Red Wings games gives me insane amounts of pleasure
    4. Going to Safeco Field for the first time this season to watch the Mariners stomp the Tigers. It was a blast.
    5. Making the world's largest beverage in an old fishbowl shaped like a margarita glass last was quite epic.