Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fashion Forward Wednesday

Onto the fashion...finally! I have been an avid reader of Adventures in Dressmaking for quite a while now.  The blog features great tee shirt make overs and drool worthy home dec pictures for inspiration.  I totally admire the great woman who runs the blog, she makes something new practically every day, I would be exhausted!  One thing you must check out if you click on over to her site?  Her Amazon Store in the top section of links, she has a great selection of books for the sewing and craft minded person.  
So back to project!  Have you seen the rolled cuff slightly longer than normal jean shorts out there?  
 Via Adventures in Dressmaking
Seems like a trend for only the super fashionista, right? WRONG!  That short is amazing, the inseam is a bit longer so its age appropriate for people who have are past the booty shorts age, and a great weekend look for any young lady on the go!  Sometimes picking up a trend piece is just not worth the money, especially for artificially destroyed jeans, but this is a great way to add a fun spring and summer trend piece from something you already own.  Grab a pair of jeans that still fit, but you might not wear so much any more and click on over to the amazing step by step tutorial and hack away.  Come the warm days of summer, you'll be glad you did.  A great variation to this trend?  have the cuffs lined in a soft plaid so the rolls contract the jeans a bit.  I have seen some great ones in the April/May fashion magazines!  If I make the lined version I will be sure to let you all know how I did it!

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