Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reliving Sixteen

For the last week or so I have been reliving a lot of things from my 16th year.  Not on purpose, but I have the craving to watch How to Deal, which I saw in theaters when I was sixteen, I have even been listening to the soundtrack.  This yesterday I listened to my birthday mix, which I was given when I turned sixteen.  Once I started noticing this, I saw that for some reasons I have been doing a lot of 16ish things.  I am having a huge garage sale this June, probably the biggest since the one I had when I was 16, it was also the first year I had my friends from high school come help.  One still helps, a lot!!  I even started drinking soda again.  I am re-reading the Sloppy Firsts series.  It is just really weird that 16 is coming back to haunt me.  While that time in my life was very fun most of the time, it is also marred with somethings I would rather forget.  Birthday, they seem to serve as reminders.
Take a listen to my favorite song from How to Deal

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