Thursday, April 1, 2010

...And Thursday

Spring has sprung in the hearts of fashionistas around the globe.  Anything and everything from television adds to magazines spreads, even bloggers are sharing the latest spring pieces.  But as most know, spring can be a difficult time to dress, one second its sunny and the next it is blowing rain in your face, and messing up your hair, uggg!  Pieces that are just a bit on the warm side are perfect for spring and summer evenings. A perfect transition into summer is a knit dress, good with tights, leggings, or even jeans now, and great for summer evenings later.  Enter on of my favorite free knitting pattern blogs out there Pickles.  This is the third Pickle's pattern I have featured, so you know I must visit the site often, I do.  When I am there I usually stop over at the store to droll over the yarns too.  Someday when the amount of yarn I own can fit in just one SMALL box, I will buy from the store.  I really recommend their yarns, as buying the yarn helps support the free pattens, plus they are reasonable in price and the colors are amazing!
But back to the dress...
Is is a sweater, or is it a dress?  It can be anything you want.  Since your are knitting it you can control the length, a little longer if you want to wear it as a dress alone, a little shorter if you are short like me, or super confident, or plan to wear it as a tunic style sweater. Another great way to make this fun dress perfect for spring, knit it up in the nudes and pinks that seem to be everywhere. One tip when choosing colors, if you are fair stick with pinks, roses and warmer colors, if you have tan or olive skin the lighter cooler colors work like gray, and if you have dark skin think bronze when choosing yarns or any nude pieces for that matter. Knitting the trim in a black or navy would be a great way to get a pop of dark in the dress! Another idea, you could knit it in two colors, color block style, with the change at your waist and then belt it to exaggerate the color block style. The possibilities are endless.  Have I convinced you yet?  Simple stated this dress is quick and simple to make and sure to become a spring favorite! Click here to visit Pickles and the sweater pattern!

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