Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mind Wandering Weakness

I love to start projects. I have many many many projects that are cut out or bookmarked waiting for me to start them. It is finishing projects that I have a hard time with. Once the mystery of how to make something is gone, and my hands or needles or sewing machine are on autopilot my mind begins to wander to the next project. It really is an illness, one that certain motherly figures will likely never let me forget.

The short list of unfinished project sitting around my house? One half finished baby sweater knit in primary colors, a knitted quilt with lamb blocks, my Lady February Sweater, one finished glitten ( A Christmas Present still waiting to be delivered...) Numerous hats that just need ends weaved in and seams sewn, a huge CD organizing project, a yellow eyelet skirt that just needs hemming, a pair of Banana Republic cords that I want to turn into carpi's.... really the list goes on, but is all I can think of off the top of my head.

To try and counteract this I am assigning crafting time to certain projects. Since I am going home this Friday for a week, and none of my other friends will be out of school to hang out, I have a whole week with the sewing machine and my knitting needles with nothing to do! SO I have 3 projects I would like to complete start to finish over the week. Its a pretty lofty goal but I know I can finish at least 2, the third might end up as a long term project. Two of the projects I have already talked about here.

Project #1

First I want to finish up this sweater. As you may remember from this post I already took in the sides for a slimmer fit. Step two in the sweater revamp is to change the neckline into a V-neck. I would also love to add some ruffles, but I am thinking that might be too much with the sweater, since it is already striped. This sweater is really just a test run for it's sister sweater in gray that I really love.

Project #2

Next up is another project I have already mentioned here. If you will recall this post, you already know that I am planning to make the shirt that Nina Dobrav is wearing. I have been looking around for a pattern for a modern button down. Considering my sewing skills I will probably make the shirt once and then mess with the pattern to make it more fitted and add the ruffle on my second try. My goal is to make it look like the one in this picture. I will be scouring the fabric stores at home from some cheap fabric for a first try and then hopefully some navy blue for the real deal. I think these two are totally doable projects, since I will have my sewing gifted mother at my disposal as well.

Project #3

My third project will be the most time consuming and and the biggest stretch of skills for me, of the three. For years my grandma has been pestering me to write a sweater pattern for her. She knits A LOT. Like she finishes a huge blanket in a few days. She knits herself sweaters all the time, but they don't fit her. I think I would be hard pressed to find one that did. You see she is the skinniest person ever! EVER!! So she wants a sweater that actually fits. I have never written a sweater pattern before, and I am sure you will all hear my cries as I write this one. However, I don't think it will be too hard considering I won't have to do ANY shaping. Yep, skinny and built like a ruler... Wish I had gotten some of her genes! Spring break will be the perfect time to buy yarn with her, and get her measurements and design specs so I can knit her a sweater and write a pattern along the way. For this project I will have little help though, just books, the internet and my own know how. Well I guess I will have some help afterall, but none from any knitter around here, I happen to be the best knitter in my family, not bragging just a fact, I swear!

So what do you think? Do you gals approve of my spring break of crafts? Just keep your fingers crossed that everything gets done!


  1. Hi Heather! ~ Your projects are so fun!! Oh my gosh, #3 is absolutely fantastic! Such a great project to share with your grandma! I think your Grandma's sweater pattern is going to be a family heirloom!

  2. Hey Eileen!

    Its so funny that is what you would comment on! My grandma's name is Eileen too!