Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can I Get a Heck Yes?

Last night was a wonderful evening. It was so special because I finally finished the yellow eyelet skirt I have been working on forever. This thing has been a pain in my butt, first it was too small, so I added two panels, then it was too big. But I had already sewed the zipper and the lining in, I sewed the lining in backwards too. So I had to try and remove the pleat in the lining so the eyelet would lay right. The skirt was way too long for me so I had to cut off about two inches there. But I made it! Getting it done has inspired me to finish as many half done projects as I can today. So after this blog post I will be running around with a mad glint in my eye looking for projects to finish. I will post some photos of all my finished projects later today, or tomorrow.

But first I have to show you the skirt. I thought that after I finished it I would never want to see it again, but I have to admit, I can't wait to wear it and whisper to whoever, oh hey, I made this...
Note: I do not like taking pictures of myself, but I wanted to show you all the skirt so badly that I did. Even when I am sick, and just cut my bangs myself this morning. So just ignore me and look at the skirt!

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