Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Sunday Five

Hey!! This week I have a lot to give thanks for and be happy about, but I am in a terrible mood! While I am visiting Seattle for my spring break I have no car. Usually I can borrow my Mom's car, but she had to take it since my Dad took his car golfing this morning. So I am stuck in the house with NOTHING to do. I really really really dislike being bored. But I am trying to get over it. I will stop the complaining rant and get onto what is making my happy this Sunday. Remember to hit the comment section after this and add your own Sunday Five, its all about spreading the love people!

1. Being in Seattle- I love being home even if I can't do anything or get talked into doing yard work...
2. The song Cut by Plumb. Everyone should listen to this song, totally amazing!!
3. Coming home to my back issues of Shape magazine that I somehow get for free! Pretty sweet!
4. Being totally inspired by Alice in Wonderland- saw it last night, loved it, already want to see it again. The colors and the clothes- everything very inspiring to an artistic type like myself.
5. That my parents still have jobs. My parents are self employed and have been looking a little guilty lately. My dad builds custom homes and remodels on a very small scale. This economy downturn has hit my family fairly hard, and while my parents have savings they feel bad that they aren't giving me some extravagent graduation present. It doesn't bother me at all and I am glad that business seems to be picking up.

Well that's it for the Sunday five! Since I am going stir crazy I might delve into a crafty project later today, so there could be an update later today. Maybe- no promises here- plus the Oscar's are on tonight, and that will keep me busy later.

Happy Sunday!!


  1. 1. my new JOB!
    2. grocery shopping! so many new groceries.
    3. my dad is coming to philly next weekend!
    4. the academy awards tonight
    5. being well-rested; no plans all weekend = lots of sleeping!

  2. 1. enjoying the nice weather yesterday by playing basketball and walking around greenlake
    2. oscars tonight!!
    3. seeing Alice in Wonderland with Heather last night
    4. Five Guys french fries
    5. Red Mill onion rings