Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Much To Say...

      Well my midterms are over for the time being. In case you are interested out the the four I got A's on two and the other two I don't know the outcome yet.  But the good news is they are OVER. Now I can get back to what I like to do, blogging, crafting, and not doing homework.  But another reason I have not written is that I just haven't felt inspired to create much this past couple weeks.  Crafting just for the sake of crafting isn't really doing it for me anymore.  So in order to remedy this I have decided to focus my blog a little bit.  

     Since my aspiration within the realm of creativity is to build a successful line of accessories and maybe clothes in the future, I think gearing my entries towards fashion will unleash my creativity more.  Not that I am a fashion expert, by any means, but I will be sharing my thoughts on how we can all be a little more fashionable, without heading to the nearest deparment store or empty our wallets.  Part of what makes fashion so amazing, is that everyone can express themselves differently and still look great.  I think that when we customize the plain stuff from a store, or make something from scratch ourselves, it is much more a pure expression of our own style.  In this vein I will be adding a post called "...and Thursday" This post will be in addition to my Fashion Forward Wednesday post.  I will now be featuring two patterns or projects, per week that I think will make a stylish addition to any wardrobe.  In an aim to please every kind of crafter/DIYer I will try to feature a mix of projects for sewers, knitters, and beginners. 

      I will also be adding a post in conjunction with a very style minded friend, called "How do I style it?"  Here I will ask a close friend who works in the fashion industry to help me style an item of clothing each week.  My plan is to post the clothing in question a few days ahead and then have her write how she would style it, giving some helpful links to the clothes to pair with the item being styled. The post will end with me, or who ever is asking how the item will  be styled, pictured rocking the new style. And yes, if you have a styling question I encourage you to send me an e-mail with a picture of the piece you need help with. I would really love to have some readers be featured in these posts.
     Since I am a poor college student, I am always interested is saving money, and doing crafts on the cheap. I will be spending time on fashion and home dec crafts.  I will be moving in May and again hopefully in July, so look forward to some decorating tips and projects for those on a shoe string budget.  Other projects might include designer inspired jewelry and clothing tutorials, like the ones I feature on Wednesdays, but my own.

      Finally I am participating in the Dollar Store Challenge over at Dollar Store Crafts. This week the theme is place mats.  I am currently working on my project and will have it posted with a tutorial before the deadline of March 30th.  I think the challenges are going to be ongoing, one every two weeks, so I will keep going with the challenges for a while.

Oh... just a last thought, I am going to continue with The Sunday Five.  I just love it so much, remember to add your five every Sunday too!

 Lots to look forward to here, so please stop by as the future unfolds!
Hope you enjoy my new look/layout! 

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