Friday, March 12, 2010

Food Friday

Today's Food Friday will be quick. I am much to excited about tomorrow's post to do this recipe justice. All I can say is make them. Please make them!

I want all of you to click here to be transported to the Seattle Times. Here lives the recipe for the best tasting, easiest to make, dinner rolls EVER. The article has pictures to help, and they are almost impossible to mess up. So run to the store, grab some yeast and some powdered buttermilk and get ready for heaven. in. your. mouth. Another positive, they freeze great so make a bunch, put them in a gallon zip top bag and the next time you are feeling lazy, open a can of soup and warm up some of the best dinner rolls ever. You have to trust me they are awesome!

Here's the pictures from the first time I made them....



Here is that link again!

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