Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Sunday Five

Welcome to the Sunday Five! As I write this it is a gorgeous 76 degrees with pure blue sky and sunshine.  In fact I can't believe I am inside on my computer, but I love blogging too much! Today was a wonderful day spent with different friends and doing things I love.  Onto The Sunday Five

1.The Beautiful San Diego weather.  The constant warmth of the sun, got me out the door and to class this past week, and sitting in the sun made studying much more enjoyable.  I have to say, I am a bit of a tan-aholic.  
Can you tell how tan I am?
Note the UW shirt and the messy spot in the back corner- that's my bed...

2. New yarn!  Although I am poor, I went on a thrift store adventure with my friend and former roommate  today, and two of three were closed. But we were close to The Grove in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego. I bought two skeins each of a minty multi-colored Blue Sky Cotton and some slightly variegated blue silk and merino from Louisa Harding Yarns.  I know they look pretty similar, but this is what I am into right now.

3. Did I mention midterms are OVER!  I Cannot even express how happy I am that the tests are over. I still have a quiz and a paper on Tuesday, but doing your work in advance is for, well not me. 
This is what I was taking to the beach all last weekend. Ya.... Business Law, that book weighs almost twenty pounds, almost ripped the seams off my towel/beach bag. 

4. This weekends Harry Potter movie marathon.  Between yesterday and today my roommate and I have watch Harry Potter 1, and 4-6.  I love Harry and CANNOT wait for the last movie to come out. 

5. Working on a new pattern for the new accessories line.  Not many people know about this, but I am in an early early stage collaboration for a line that I hope to start on Etsy later this spring and hopefully into some local stores eventually. Here is a sneak peak...
Hummmm... the colors look similar to the yarn I had up top.  I am REALLY grooving on the teal, mint greens and blues.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow for my take on the place mat for this weeks Dollar Store Challenge!
Happy Sunday!!!

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