Thursday, May 6, 2010

...And Thursday

As a knitter I have always loved scarfs.  You really have to, when you first start knitting you don't have the guts to make more than a simple rectangle.  In addition to putting yourself in the scarf box, most beginning knitters think of knitting as a purely winter sport.  But over the last few years the spring/summer scarf has become a staple in many a wardrobe. Well, I am ready to take the plunge with this awesome project from Martha!  She calls it the Ombre Scarf, but its just a cotton scarf that you dye yourself. The directions look kind of complected, but a video accompanies so you can watch it before to make it easier.  Pretty much you are taking some dye and putting it in a squirt bottle.  You go from the ends to the middle and dilute the dye as you go to get the gradient effect.  I think that set up is what really takes the most time and that maybe it would be more time efficient to make a few, maybe to give as gifts? Mother's Day perhaps?

What you will end up with is something really fun and ready for all your summer escapades. 
Here is some inspiration!

 You can even make up a few bottle diffent bottles of dye, make a couple solid color scarfs 
then some multi-colored ones like these

Dip-Dyed Scarf (One Size Coast) 
Happy DIYing!
...and remember to wear gloves!

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